Mission 3 Methodology

Hey guys! 
I am getting used to this blogging thing, I hope you guys are enjoying reading them just as much as I enjoy writing them.
Mission three has fast approached and it is time to decide what task to choose yet again. This was quite hard for me to choose as nothing seemed to jump out at me. After going over the options numerous times I have decided, like most people, to do Digital Journalism. 
As we had to create a video for this mission, I felt that choosing digital journalism made the most sense.
As an avid social media user I am interested in the world of journalism and story telling within the borders of my phone. 
After choosing what to do my next job was to find a team to work with. Through using slack I joined teams with my friends Robyn and Daniella. We came together and brainstormed on what we could do for the task at hand. After a few hours switching to and from ideas, we landed on and all agreed to do ‘Fake News’.
We wanted to capture how easily fake news is spread through social media it is and how nearly most of the time when someone is asked something in the form of a question they will believe it. 
We met up a few days later and decided to write our fake news questions. Some of our questions included ‘Did you hear about president Trump getting impeached last night?’ and ‘Did you hear about Kim Kardashian having a baby and putting it up for adoption?’. We wanted to make the questions topical and believable. 
Our next job was to film the fake news report and find people to participate and answer our questions. 
I will write about this in my next blog post.

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