My first few college assignments! A reflection

Welcome back to my blog! 

I have decided to write a quick blog post on my first few weeks in college and how I have been getting on with assignments. 
As it is my first year in college I was apprehensive and anxious to start, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle my time and get everything done, but so far I have managed quite well. 
The module that I have enjoyed the most since starting college would have to be Creative Digital Media. Even though out of all the modules it is the one that involves the most work, I have thoroughly enjoyed the wide aray of subjects we get to choose from and the tasks that we have to complete within them. 
The youtubing task was the most fun for me. I loved getting the opportunity to film and improve my editing skills. Although I am proud I have done so far, I do feel I can still improve in some areas. 
It is taking me some time to get the hang of using Adobe premiere Pro as it is all new to me but hopefully over time I increase my confidence in using it.
Overall I have loved my first few weeks in college and I hope the fun and hard work continues in the upcoming weeks.

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