The making of 'Fake News'

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Our mission chosen, our group put together and our task decided, our next step was to make the video. To start, as said in my previous blog, we wrote down a list of fake news questions to ask the person we were interviewing. We then had to find people to interview. Since we were in college we decided to go around and see if we could find students or lectures and ask them questions. We wanted to interview people that we didn’t know or who weren’t in our group as they would have known it was fake news.

We were lucky to find five willing people to participate in the video who all fell for our fake news questions. Their answers were all varied, some more shocked about the questions than others. There were also a few funny replies which we found really added to the lightheartedness of the video. We filmed the video using one of our iPhones and the footage came out very well. We all took turns filming and interviewing people. 

I will reflect about this mission in the upcoming blog.
Hope you enjoyed reading!

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