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emergence – exploiting game mechanics to achieve an unintended result.

Researching has proved exhausting.

I am attempting to expend my energy efficiently by skimming titles and abstracts to determine whether a paper may be useful to my research, but even so, my brain is finding it tough to process information.

I feel like I have made good progress, regardless of mental fatigue. Not only did I find some good publications from credited and cited authors, I have found textbooks that are highly regarded, cited and commended. Ernest Adams has several books on Game Design and Game Development. There are several chapters that not only relate to my topic, but have valuable information regarding my research question. I was able to find a pdf of one chapter from Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design, but the other books have escaped me so far. I have been in contact with the authors requesting digital copies of the books for research purposes.

Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design by Ernest Adams and Joris Dormans

The Review Matrix is coming along. I am finding some areas harder to fill in than others. I have been using the Three Pass Method to try and digest as much information as I can from articles, but sometimes I find it hard to determine factors such as weaknesses and strengths. In time, I am sure that I will be able to discern what makes particular elements of a paper strong or weak.

The beginning of my Research Matrix

– Ultan

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