Class of 2018

Below you will find a video which includes students views of this module from 2018. This was filmed by an independent researcher in March 2019. Additionally, there are links to the class of 2018 blogs to give you a feel for their work.

Short Version

Group 1   Group 2   Group 3  
Anna Ian  Conor  Eoin Emma-Louise chloe
Aidan Rachel  Leah  Daniel Robert Andrej 
Leah Ross  Christopher  Valerie Adam Hannah 
Dillon James  Melissa Niamh Jamie  Robyn
Darragh Saha Ellen Shane Shane Dani
Ryan Chloe Ciaran  Nhu Nathan  Veerachai
Nicole Darragh Hollie  Brendan Eva Stephanie
john Rebecca David Trevor Marcin Witness
Krzysztof Marixa Siobhan Daniel Isabel
Esmee  Anthony Adriana
Aisling Shane