Semester Calendar

You will find links to all the weekly pages here, so this is definitely a good page to bookmark! I would like to meet you individually during Week 4 and Week 8 to see how your progressing and see if there is anything I can do to support you.

Assignments Dates Topics  (readings) Unity3D Lab work Game Project
Week 1 Monday, Sept. 21 — Sunday, Sept 27 Introduction Workshop
Week 2 Monday, Sept. 28  — Sunday, Oct 4 The Orientation Week
Week 3 Monday, Oct 5 — Sunday, Oct. 11 Overview / What is a Game? Game Design / Iteration & Rapid Prototyping Unity tutorial 1 Brainstorm Game that you would like to make – analysis 4 games, what works, what could be improved, why are they fun
Week 4 Monday, Oct. 12 — Sunday, Oct. 18 Formal Elements of Games Unity tutorial 2 Brainstorming further develop one game idea
Week 5 Monday, Oct. 19 — Sunday, Oct. 25 Mechanics and Dynamics Unity tutorial 3 Treatment 2-page vision statement”, designed to convey the idea of the game to a publisher.
Reading Week Monday, Oct. 26 — Sunday, Nov 1 Unity Tutorial 04
Week 6 Monday, Nov. 2 — Sunday, Nov. 8 The Early Stages of the Design Process GDD Unity tutorial 5 GDD/TDD – 5 pages each, a Game Design Document and a Technical Design Document. Includes conceptual art, begins to discuss game architecture.
Week 7 Monday, Nov. 9 — Sunday, Nov. 15 Decision-Making and Flow Theory Unity tutorial 6 Prototype/LDD – Level Design Document (level maps, usually on grid paper, includes hazards and obstacles) and concept game engine. Prototype defines look and feel (art style), as well as player handling and gameplay. Some character animations.
Week 8 Monday, Nov. 16 — Sunday, Nov. 22 Kinds of Fun, Kinds of Players Unity tutorial 7 1st Playable – Player handling (interface) refined, includes at least one full level. Contains some special effects, and included enemies with accompanying AI
Week 9 Monday, Nov. 23 — Sunday, Nov. 29 Review week Unity tutorial 8 Alpha – Game is feature complete. Contains all levels and content, the game can be played from start to finish. May still contain some placeholder art. Buggy!
Week 10 Monday, Nov. 30 — Sunday, Dec. 6 Stories and games Unity tutorial 9 Project Week 10
Week 11 Monday, Dec. 7 — Sunday, Dec. 13   Testing Unity tutorial 10 Beta – Finished! (or so you think) No obvious or glaring bugs. This is where you would send the game for final QA and external testing before declaring it to be Gold.
Week 12 Monday, Dec. 14 — Sunday, Dec. 20 Present final Project