Week 9

Week 9: Review Week

The semester is now more than half over! Week 9 is a “review week,” and there are no new readings. Instead of the reading and Unity Tutorials, there are some reflection and feedback assignments. They are spread out as usual over Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, but I would urge you to just finish them all together on Tuesday, and then use that extra time to finish up the rest of the week’s assignments early too. There is also an opportunity this week to reflect on your project, regroup and prepare for the big push to completion.


Tuesday due date:  4 points  30 min.
Reading and Writing. In this post, you’ll reflect on the reading and writing work you’ve been doing for class.


Wednesday due date:   4 points 30 min.
Comments and Feedback. This post is about your experience with commenting and feedback so far.


Thursday due date:  4 points 30 min.
Progress. This post is a chance for you to assess your progress and plan ahead.


Thursday due date: Unity Introduction
As part of the Review Week, I am offering a FREE PASS option for the labs


Here are the final assignments for the week:

PROJECT 8 points appx. 3 hours.
This aim for this week on the project should be Alpha – Game is feature complete stage. Contains all levels and content, the game can be played from start to finish. May still contain some placeholder art. Buggy!
PROJECT FEEDBACK 6 points 45 min. – 1 hour
For Weeks 7-15, the Project Feedback assignment will be available each week starting on Tuesday.
BLOG COMMENTS 4 points 30 min. – 45 min.
For Weeks 7-11, you will be commenting on people’s notes based on their reading, plus their Introductions: Blog CommentsThis assignment will be ready on Tuesday of Week 9.


You can do these extra credit options any time during the week.
Extra Commenting 2 points 30 min. – 45 min.
Tech Tasks  2 points 15 min. – 30 min.
Growth Mindset/Feedback 2 points 15 min. – 30 min.
Wikipedia Trails 2 points 15 min. – 30 min.