Welcome to Multimedia Development 2

This module will use game development as the tool for investigating multimedia development which includes animation, graphics, and coding,  The main goals for this semester are to READ aboutWRITE about, and ENJOY lots of Games.  The reading and the writing are intended to spark your imagination, and I hope very much you will enjoy reading articles about games, discussing game development and of course, creating your own game!

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Multimedia Development


Essentially this module is split into two main components. The first being the Unity3D  tasks, and to suit interests there are two paths

      1. Beginner unity path that based on developing in 2D
      2. Intermediate set of tasks in XR for Unity
      3. an interactive learning project

In addition, there is the writing component, for this, we will be creating an academic textbook that looks at the topics we investigated last semester as well as emerging ideas. Each one of you will take on a subtopic to explore and then explain including key learning points, and assignment ideas as well as formative assessments. The goal is to publish this by the end of the semester as an open-source textbook.


You will find additional information in the weekly Class Announcements, so please take a moment to look at the announcements now. You will also find the announcements in Moodle and Slack for this module.


You will need about eight hours total to complete each week’s tasks, which is the amount of time you can expect to spend on this class each week. I’ve provided time estimates for each assignment — or I should say “guesstimates” (you will get a sense from week to week of just how long each time of assignment takes). The main thing is to be alert to the activities that will take longer than others so that you can plan accordingly! You can also use the Moodle Gradebook as an online checklist.

Deadlines and Working Ahead

As you can see, there are assignments s due on Friday and/or over the weekend. But don’t wait for the deadlines!


There are no required textbooks to buy for this class, though I am highly recommending Matt Smiths Unity Cookbook 2018.