NorthStar is a curriculum conversation tool.

Its purpose is to support and encourage staff to have meaningful, purposeful conversations around progammes/modules, specifically focusing on how these reflect TU Dublin high strategic elements. Often such high strategic elements (CoCreated Curriculum Shapers, Strategic Pillars, Graduate attributes, 1st Year Experience etc.) are considered at the end of the curriculum design process. This tool encourages a different approach – one where TU Dublin’s High strategic elements inform the whole process of curriculum development so that they are built-in as opposed to built-on. NorthStar creates a space for programme teams to engage in focused and meaningful conversations around curricula.

NorthStar creates a moment for programme teams to engage in conversations around curricula. It stimulates the conversation by offering a series of questions designed to identify where the high strategic elements (CoCreated Curriculum Shapers, Strategic Pillars, Graduate attributes, 1st Year Experience, etc.) already exist. It encourages deeper reflection (again through a series of specific prompts) to consider opportunities to shape the curriculum with those high strategic elements in mind. It allows programme teams to capture their conversation in the form of a vignette.

North Star can be used in a variety of  scenarios.


By an individual developing a module.


By programme teams.

Cross Disciplinary

For teams working across disciplines.

The ambition of NorthStar is to provide many lens in which to view curriculum this first version of NorthStar focuses on one of the high strategic elements, the CoCreated Curriculum Framework and in particular the 4 Curriculum Shapers

CoCreated Curriculum Framework

The establishment of TU Dublin provided a unique opportunity to create a curriculum framework for the students and staff, by students and staff.

The CoCreated Curriculum Framework is underpinned by the core values and mission of TU Dublin and provides a distinctive but tangible learning philosophy for all at TU Dublin. The framework, based on four Curriculum Shapers, is both considered and flexible permitting it to adapt to the diversity within TU Dublin, including accredited programmes, and inclusive of all learners across the four TU Dublin campuses. The 4 Curriculum Shapers are:

NorthStar4 the CoCreated Curriculum Framework

By using the NorthStar curriculum conversation tool will Learn about the 4 Cocreated Curriculum Shapers. They will have an opportunity to Look at the shapers in practice across a variety of programmes and modules throughout TU Dublin. Capture their conversation and create a vignette and offered an opportunity to share their vignette with colleagues.