Please note that the project tasks are not a requirement if you have successfully fulfilled the requirements through the Game Jam documentation.  You can still complete them if you need to gather the points.

Part A: Work on your project

You will complete your project over 9 weeks, including the easter break (Weeks 6-12 + 2 weeks at easter).  Your project does not need to be extensive – it should represent approximately 15-20 hours work over this period (average 3 hours per week). Remember the lessons you have learned from last semester and scope your project appropriately for this length of a development cycle. Don’t get too complicated! If you participated in the game jam this should give you a good idea of the amount of time to allow.

Your project should follow the game development process that you learned about in Multimedia Development 1, and it should make use of new technical skills you have learned this semester (either a 2D game,  something that uses XR technologies, or an E-learning project).

Recommended timeline (you do not need to stick to this exactly):

Week 6 – Brainstorm your project idea (1 hour)
Week 7 – Write a short treatment for your game (1 – 2 hours)
Week 8 – completed Game Design Document/ Technical Design Document (2-3 hours)
Week 9 – Prototype (2-3 hours)
Week 10 – 1st Playable (2-3 hours)
Week 11 and over Easter – Alpha and Beta testing and refinement (5-6 hours)
Week 12 – Present your game (2-3 hours)


   Part B: Complete your post each week (Weeks 9-12)

You will write a blog post on your process and progress on your project this week. For example describing what you have learned, what you have  enjoyed/found difficult, what you’re looking forward too

      • LENGTH. Your post should be between 300-600 words long.
      • PROOFREADING. As always, you should use the spellcheck feature, and proofread by reading out loud.
      • TITLE: Included the words “Project Progress” in the title of the post.
      • LABEL: Use the week number as the label for the post, for example “week 9” for your post in week 9.