Activities for Week 4

Reading Task

This assignment has two parts: the first a set of readings and to finish up, you will write up a blog post with your thoughts.

180 minutes

A Twitter Task

It takes an effort to create a community. Each week you will have a choice of a Twitter Task to complete.

15 minutes

Tutorial Task

Each tutorial will have two parts, the first will be to complete the tutorials with the second a brief post describing what you have learned, what you have enjoyed/found difficult, what you’re looking forward too?

120 minutes

Optional – Recommended

MultiDev Live


MultiDev Live is a opportunity to interact in a guided active learning session reflecting on the activities of the week providing opportunities for feedback and guidance.


60 minutes

Extra Credit (optional)

At different stages of the semester you may have time to engage in some extra credit. You can do these extra credit options any time during the week.

15 – 45 minutes

1-to-1 meetings

This is a 1-to -1 feedback sessions. This allows you an opportunity to discover how your semester is progressing as well as make suggestions to how best I can support you.


10 – 15 minutes