Mission 3 (Methodology) – Production

For the production, we needed a video to create. We wanted to show our process of how we created everything to promote the fake news site and show the reactions. Alek would talk about the history of  fake news, I would talk about how everything was created and Justin would talk about the results.

We all learned how to use Adobe Premiere and we got to work. For my part, I wanted to create the logo and create the website. Alex set up the email, Facebook and Twitter for us. I wanted to create a logo that would represent an online news site so I used a sans-serif font for the text and pastel colors for the logo. It took me awhile to create the logo and I recorded the whole process from start to finish. It was simple and pleasing to look at and it was everything we needed for this to work.

I started off creating the logo with the font and finding out which would look best. I tried multiple one but one that stuck out was called Avant Garde. I also had a few news logos for reference to get some inspiration from and create a similar style logo. I then experimented with what would look good and I found this V shape that I created look very interesting so I wanted to develop that idea.

I continued developing this idea until I came with up with this.
I would then add the font that I liked and put it below the logo with contrasting weights.
I think the logo turned out really good so we would stick with this and add it to all the sites. Also, I created the website using Wix and it was very simple to do. I used a template that they created and I put the logo on that as well. I recorded myself also creating the website which we would use to put in the video. The website was very simple but effective and here we would put the articles up.
From here, Justin and Alek would create the articles and post them on the site and then promote them. They posted a series of them and the site was looking great. They would also record themselves writing the articles out to be used in the video itself. For Alek’s part, he would also film himself looking at research and would use the footage to talk over it.
For Justin’s part, we needed to create some reactions as we didn’t have enough time to wait for people to respond and we also wanted to prove the point that you shouldn’t believe everything, not even us! Justin would create some fake tweets using a site called https://faketweeter.com/ We made it seem believable and not make the posts have tons of likes because realistically, that wouldn’t happen. He would also create replies to the posts and make them look believable as well. 
Everything was now ready to be put together in the video and we got to work on that as soon as possible!