Welcome to Introduction to Digital Media.

The purpose of this module is to introduce learners to the Digital Media Industry. In this class, you will participate a broad approach to digital inquiry, digital creativity, and critical practice as they may manifest in different disciplines.

In other words, this class will introduce you to and help you develop the ideas, practices, and skills that will be the focus of the CDM degree. While some coursework will involve working closely with computer software and code, no prior experience with programming is required or expected. With regard to digital tools, there’s a good deal of “how” in this class, but a greater emphasis on “why”.

This course requires an internet connection. All sessions will be asynchronous or recorded to view at your convenience.

All course materials(notes, instructions, videos, etc.) can be found at CDMOnline.ie.

We will use the Univrsitys email and VLE (moodle) for formal communication, in particular use email for Email for important(grades/extended absence/personal) issues.

A detailed course calendar has been provided to outline important dates in this course. Flexibility will be provided if needed

Each week there is a series of asynchronous tasks to complete. Optional synchronous sessions will be recoreded

Students are expected to interact with one another online. We will use various platforms(free) to engage with one another

We recommend checking the site, email, and Slack every 24 hours. You should expect to dedicate 12 – 16 hours per week to this 12 week course

This course has been designed to be open and accessible(e.g. closed captioning on videos, headings in web). Make contact if you have additional needs.

This course requires a working microphone. You will not be expected to be on video unless you choose to do so in sessions.

Reflecting on our Digital Journalism journey

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The making of 'Fake News'

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Mission 3 Methodology

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