a new way to Study & Learn

This is your gateway to a new way of learning. The courses on offer provide opportunities to engage in an independent though collaborative learning experience where you will learn by “doing” and “reflecting”.

In order to build a genuine community of practice each student is required in the first week to create a space of their own, a space to describe your work, receive feedback, and reflect on your progress. 

In addition to your work being open, all of your peers’ work and the course organization is delivered in an open and transparent manner. This allows all of us to use our talents; as everyone has something to learn and something to teach and provides opportunities for all of us to Step forward and try new things! A majority of activities in each course are designed to reflect real-life tasks, with the aim of making all of our learning experience active, useful, and related to the world.

Online Studies

Designed with students needs first with a view to improving their experience.

Collaborative Learning

Working with your peers to create a meaningful experience that encourages learning.

Informed Practice

Modern learning practices informed by up to date research.


Course Offerings

Intro To Digital Media

(this version not offered 2020)

The purpose of this module is to introduce learners to the Digital Media Industry. In this class, you will participate a broad approach to digital inquiry, digital creativity and critical practice as they may manifest in different disciplines.

Multimedia development 1 2021

12 week course

This module will use game development as the tool for investigating multimedia development which includes animation, graphics, and interactivity. The main goals for this semester are to read, write and enjoy game development.

Multimedia development 2 2022

12 week course

This module will further develop your creative skill in developing a complete 3D game.  In addition to developing practical skills you will also investigate a varity of topical issue in relation to gaming.



Culture, Creative, & Methodology Missions

20+ missions CDM level 6-8

The purpose of these missions  is to allow students participate in digital inquiry, digital creativity and critical practice as they may manifest in different disciplines

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Missions

17 Missions CDM level 6-8

17 graduated missions to allow a student to investigate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) from multiple perspectives with a focus on Digital media tools.

Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

15 twitter tasks

The tasks will help to introduce the concept of a “Personal Learning Network(PLN)” and through the use of Twitter to plan and develop a PLN of their own.

No grades

The students View

This is a short video based on actual interviews with students who took part in the Multimedia Development Module in Fall 2018. For a more in-depth student reflection view this video.


What the Students Say

Multimedia Development Student Comments on Twitter 

Intro to Digital Media Student Comments 

“I’m happy and proud enough that I tried in this mission and that’s all that matters. The point of this module is to learn and I learned a whole lot about digital audio and podcast making.”

1st Year Student

Intro to Digital Media CDM 

“The module that I have enjoyed the most since starting college would have to be Intro to Digital Media. Even though out of all the modules it is the one that involves the most work, I have thoroughly enjoyed the wide array of subjects we get to choose from and the tasks that we have to complete within them.”

1st Year Student

Intro to Digital Media CDM

I found it difficult to work in a group as we all had different timetables and were not always free at the same time. Slack made this easier as we could communicate back and forward to each other about the mission

1st Year Student

Intro to Digital Media CDM 

“hopefully, by the end of this four-year course, I can come back to this, my first presentation and still be proud of it but have lots more ideas on how I could improve it. It would be great to see and it would really be a tell on how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned!!”

1st Year Student

Intro to Digital Media CDM