Playful Coding


Adaptations, remixes, and mashups are related in that they take existing materials and repurpose them. But technology and digital culture has opened up new and creative avenues to explore and experiment with these techniques. But questions of copyright, authorship, and originality, however, can make these kinds of projects fraught and complex.


  • Learn about the history and evolution of these concepts
  • Develop an understanding of issues of copyright and authorship
  • Understand the motivation behind these concepts and creative outputs


Suggested Tasks

  • Annotate a remix, adaptation, or mashup using a tool like Vidbolt
  • Create your own remix, adaptation or mashup using a tool like Twine (but really, any tool or platform or approach is fair game)

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Activism and Agency

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Internet of Things

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Digital Audio

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Augmented Reality

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Personal Data Tracking

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