Hope you’re all keeping well and progressing nicely with regards semester 2

Some of you made contact last week in relation to progress with the week’s tasks, those that either communicated through Slack or met either f2f or online seem to have made progress with the writing assignments. At this stage, you should have your plan for research developed(Week 2 – research strategy) and have filled in approx 10 sources into the online version of your chapters research matrix(week 3). Week 4’s tasks complete the research matrix and identify themes from your matrix for writing about. Each theme can become a heading for each body paragraph, from this content can be written(week 5).

We are spending a week on each stage and since it’s our first time researching and writing we are spending extra time at each stage as we need to think and reflect on the process in addition to the final product. With that in mind, your blog posts for the tasks should include your reflection on the process, what works well for you? what are you struggling to understand? what are you doing to overcome the challenges? If you are including content from the weeks work in your blog posts these should be in addition to your 200words on the process.

I’m asking that anyone who is not 100% clear on the work we are doing(based on the research matrix(and blogs) that’s almost everyone) to attend this weeks lab session. I will be available through Slack and Zoom during the lecture slot for those that are unable to attend this week.

Next week I plan on meeting each of you for 5 minutes on Thursday (I will let you know when I have the scheduler up on Moodle) after the meeting I’m asking you for 5 minutes of your time to answer some questions in relation to the approach last semester, though not mandatory I would greatly appreciate it as it helps me to improve the ungraded approach and the open, transparent model through the website.

I will be near my laptop all day today and tomorrow so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.