This assignment has two parts: the first is to work through readings for this phase of writing and secondly, you will write up a blog post with your thoughts and including documentation (screenshots, embed docs additional material) that you have created on. Though our writing for our work will be in academic form these posts in the blog should be reflective.

Tasks for Doing your research

  1. Write Introduction
  2. Write conclusion
  3. Draft a “Check your understanding” how would you determine if the reader understood your entry?


Reading Approaches

Literature reviews require a substantial amount of reading, so approaching each source methodically results in a thorough understanding of the content and saves time. One strategy for active reading is to break your reading into three steps (pre-reading, reading, and post-reading) that collectively allow you to quickly examine all aspects of each source.


When you have completed this week’s reading work write up a blog post with your thoughts about what you have worked on. For the blog post, use “doing” in the title, with “Reading 08Week 20 (8)” as the labels, and include at least one image (with image information). Here is the Declaration for Reading:

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I have published & spent at least 3 hrs working on the reading tasks.
LENGTH. the reflective component of my post is a minimum of 200 words long.
PROJECT. All work in relation to this week’s tasks is shown (screenshots, copying, links to work…)
PROOFREADING. I have spell-checked and proofread the post.
IMAGE. My post contains at least one image with image information.
TITLE: I have included the words “Reading 08” in the title of the post.
LABEL: I have used “Week 20 (8)” as the label for the post.