This assignment has two parts: the first is to work through readings for this phase of writing and secondly, you will write up a blog post with your thoughts and including documentation (screenshots, embed docs additional material) that you have created on. Though our writing for our work will be in academic form these posts in the blog should be reflective.


Tasks for Doing your research

  1. Using your search strategy created to collate a large number of resources. (a list of documents relating to your topic)
  2. Apply the 3 pass method(below) for evaluating each resource (highlight which stage you have reached with each doc)
  3. Use the Review Matrix you created last week to help you synthesize, analyze, evaluate, and summarize your sources as annotated bibliographies. This week you should aim for 6 annotated bibliographies For example look at this one-page guide. [Links to an external website]


When you have completed this week’s reading work write up a blog post with your thoughts about what you have worked on. For the blog post, use “Analysis” in the title, with “Reading 04Week 4” as the labels, and include at least one image (with image information). Here is the Declaration for Reading:

DECLARATION: Reading Options I spent at least 3 hrs working on the reading tasks.
I have published a blog post with my notes.
POST TITLE: I used the phrase “Analysis” in the post title.
POST LABELS: I used the label “Reading 04Week 4” for the labels.
LINKS: I included at least three links to items of interest, with my thoughts.
IMAGE: I Included at least one image with image information.