Week 4

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 4 Challenges Cheat Sheet – Video Games Blogger

I would like to congratulate everyone for their first Project Blog on Game Brainstorming and I hope that my feedback was of benefit. Some common feedback that all of you might benefit from include;

      1. Scale back your ideas and expectations of what you will make, small, ugly, and working is the aim
      2. Be specific on what you will produce instead of aspirational – I know this is difficult as your only learning what is possible but try and stick with what you know you can produce! I can help with that.
      3. Look at each other’s blog plus the previous two years for inspirations, follow the Unity’s social media accounts, read professional blogs like and GDC, and specifically their Youtube channel.
      4. This does not necessarily need to be a game in the traditional sense, the only mandatory element is that it must be created in Unity and must include types of interaction
      5. Try and follow task instructions – word counts matter for you(does not need to be exact), it takes that amount to cover your ideas in enough details 

Academic Reading/Writing

I have had a few comments about the Reading and Writing tasks, I feel your pain! Ever wonder why some students seem to be able to knock out written assignments really quickly, it’s a skill that they have learned and continued to practice. In a few week’s time, the practice you are doing now will begin to pay dividends. When learning takes place similar to going to the gym or exercising there is a burn(a real pain) that’s how we know we are learning- I have developed this module to introduce you to academic reading and writing with the purpose of stretching this muscle in a way that the quality doesn’t affect your grade – so view it as an ideal opportunity to practice this skill.



Many of you have commented on the structure and layout of this module, This has been developed through research as well as countless discussion with students over many years. Now those discussions are limited and it is the weekly surveys that provide an opportunity for me to check in on you as well as ask for advice for improving the module. I take each of your responses very seriously. It only takes 3 minutes, if you can please fill in each week, this weeks survey can be found here.


1-1 meetings

Next week we will have a 1-1 meeting in MS Teams, In preparation;

      • Select you appointment slot via Moodle
      • Have MSTeams open and awaiting a call at the appropriate time (we will meet in the MultiDev room)
      • Have any questions/suggestions ready (don’t wait until next week for task-related queries)
      • Ensure your Project blog is published before your meeting slot
      • Remember you only have 7 minutes!

Look forward to seeing and chatting with everyone next week!



First Year Reflection: A Transition - Student life
Image: Reflection: A Transition through 2nd year

Audio Version

Hi All,

As we finish Week 03, I thought it an ideal opportunity to reflect how far we’ve come, it’s hard to believe that we are 1/4 of the way through the semester!


Throughout these three weeks, we’ve completed the orientation tasks which help us set up our communication networks, Moodle, Slack, and email as well as find out about the types of tasks that will be completing this semester and most importantly setting up our blogs!

Week 03 began in which will become a routine pattern with the Reading Task where you were asked to read 3 papers and write a synopsis in an academic style, this would be new for most of you and I’m delighted to have read many of these blogs and look forward to providing you feedback on them early next week.

In addition, you’ve carried on with your Twitter Tasks, The Twitter task offers an opportunity to develop your professional network.

You have also completed your first Unity tutorial which I can only imagine for many of you was a difficult and challenging experience. I am aware that some have you have had difficulties both in relation to the video streaming and in using unity. I’ve spoken to Unity about the video streaming and from their end, they have seen no difficulties and are suggesting that it is an issue with high numbers accessing at the same time. They have indicated that they will attempt to add more bandwidth to resolve the issue and I encourage you to attempt unity tutorials as early as possible to help alleviate this issue.


This weekend many of you will work on your Project Task, brainstorming 4 game ideas with the goal that 1 will eventually become your game. I look forward to reading and providing feedback on these early next week Please remember to complete this declaration, you must email me the declaration and a post there is no need to post the blog itself.

Most of you have successfully completed these tasks with little or no support and even those who have needed to reach out went on to complete these tasks successfully. For those who are finding this difficult still please do not hesitate to ask for help in the first instance through Slack in the weekly channel for support from your peers or through email directly to me I’ve been attempting to reply to these queries through the first few weeks as quickly as possible and I hope I’m meeting your needs.

Tasks + Time Management

I ask as you reflect on the previous three weeks to consider how you will approach the rest of the semester and in particular this module, Multimedia Development 1. I have purposely set up this module to include a mixture of task types, you will notice that you are asked to read and write in an academic style, to do things as in the unity tutorials, and write in a conversational format by developing your Project. I’m hoping that there is something for everyone in these tasks.

In relation to grading, I set out at the beginning of the semester that you will determine your grade by the quality and quantity of tasks you complete, I’m aware in these complex times that you might not have time to complete each task, that is fine, we all have to decide how much time we can dedicate to this module and what grade would like at the end of it, to that end there will be tasks that you may not be able to complete The system this module uses is designed to deal with that, I have built-in space for the occasional task to be missed, Moving forward please do not ask for extensions. Be aware that there is an opportunity to take advantage of the grace period, The grace period automatically provides for an extension of 12 hours to avail of this please complete the declaration before the task to date without clicking the final “Submit all and Finish” only click the final “Submit all and Finish” when the task is complete the grace period extends to 11:59 of the next day. BTW: please do reach out if you are unable to complete tasks for more than a week in those circumstances, we will tailor a plan to suit your needs.

I had many emails on the night of submissions, please consider creating a timetable for working on modules that is not dictated by task deadlines but instead that matches your life schedule and in particular I’ll highlight the Unity tutorial as one that you might like to get finished early due to technical difficulties that may impact your work if left to the last minute.

So, to reiterate moving forward onto week 4 there will be no extensions unless you will be unable to complete work for more than a week,so try to complete tasks early and as always reach out for support when needed.

Course Development

One of my Tasks (yes, I have them too!) this week was to update my feedreader which brings all your blog posts to one place so I can easily see your work and provide feedback. As of today, I am aware that a small number of students have completed declarations without completing the tasks or who haven’t provided Blog details, this may be inadvertently misunderstanding how the module works. I will wait until Monday before progressing this matter further if you’re one of these students I suggest contacting me ASAP to see how we might resolve this. I would like to thank all those who engaged with the task so far in an honest and open manner.

An additional task that I’ve been working on this week and hope to make progress over the next few weeks is to update the remaining weeks on both the Website and Moodle, at this stage I’m complete to Week 05 though I need to continue developing the audio instructions for each task, I hope they have been useful.

Though this system has been used for the previous 3 years, I still feel there are opportunities to improve I thank those that have made suggestions to date and I look forward to hearing any ideas on improving any aspect of the module, In many ways, this is your module so help me to make it better for you!

Lastly, I’ve recently become aware that Unity offers certification opportunities, We may have the possibility of taking the unity exam next semester please let me know if this is something you would like me to explore.


Thank you again for a great first quarter, your engagement, your spirit of cooperation, and passion for succeeding has been inspiring I hope we can continue to work like this throughout the semester. Keep up the great work going forward.


Week 03 Announcements

Blocktober: Your Quick Start Guide to Blockouts
Image: Blocktober: Your Quick Start Guide to Blockouts

Just a quick announcement to congratulate you in completing your first Reading task yesterday and looking forward to completing the first set of Unity Tutorials for Thursday at midnight (please don’t leave them to the last minute as some have had issues with the videos) If you having issues with any of the tasks share your questions on Slack or reach out directly with me – please don’t suffer in silence! BTW: if your name is not hyperlinked here on the Class Directory you need to fill in the form with your Blog details immediately!


During Oct one of the coolest things happens on Twitter, It is called #blocktober, and its where level designers share their work on Twitter, and some even share techniques, tips, and tutorials in relation to level design for game development. It an ideal opportunity to, first of all, be inspired by their work but also to help create your personal learning network (PLN) on Twitter by following some of the posters. So search for the hashtag #blocktober 

Follow the link on the caption for some more interesting level design ideas.

Laptop Loan Scheme

A reminder that the University is running a laptop loan scheme for students in need. The closing date for applications is this Monday before the close of business (5:00 pm) Link is below:

Students who wish to apply for a laptop through this scheme can do so between Monday 28th September and Monday 5th October and laptops will be made available in the coming weeks. To ensure that these laptops are provided to those students in greatest immediate need, applications will be scored on the basis of current economic disadvantage combined with one or more socio-economic category.

Week 02


Good Morning all! A great way to kick off the week!

We started this morning by completing a Checkin Form to see how your feeling, we will do this every week, if you missed it you can complete the form here. This is a great way to provide useful feedback on this module and the semester as  always feel free to make a suggestion via Email or Slack

Week 02 Tasks

 As you are aware we are working on Week 02 tasks, these should be familiar as they are very similar to the Intro to Digital Media task of last year, Look out for the new task involving Twitter – these have been designed to engage the development of a personal learning network in a more structured way. I hope you enjoy them and as always any suggestions for improvement please let me know! Find all the tasks for Week 02 here:


I have been made aware of a few issues in relation to meeting links and email not reaching everyone – as many students haven’t registered it been difficult to have a definitive list of who is taking this module. Now that you are all enrolled in Moodle I will use that and Slack for group communication, in relation to MS Teams this week’s link should work for every live session going forward. The link can be found in Moodle and Slack. For important communications please use Email!


A good place to learn more and ask a question in Unity can be found in the Community section. Have a look if your exploring UNity in your own time or get stuck with something in the Tutorials.

Week 02 form results

And lastly stick with me,  once we are into the normal flow starting Week 3 & 4 much of this will make sense! The difficult bit is getting all of our processes setup, Slack, MS Teams, and Unity and then you will find a natural rhythm to the module. If your anxious or overwhelmed, you’re not on your own, but I’m here to help! I would also ask those that are enjoying or finding it straightforward to support your peers – let’s work together to bring the whole class through this semester!