Tutorial 04

Unity Tutorial 04

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Image: Locomotion and Ergonomics in VR Applications

Part A: Complete the tutorials

As you complete these lessons please save a copy this will allow me to view each lesson independently as well as protect against crashes in the software. So, for example, name your 1st unity project lesson1.1, when starting lesson 2 save as lesson1.2 and so on.

Unity Create with Code
(approx time 100 mins)
Lesson 2.4 Collision Decisions (50 mins)

Challenge 2 & Quiz Play Fetch (50 mins)

   Part B: Complete your post

For example describing what you have learned, what you have  enjoyed/found difficult, what you’re looking forward too
Finishing the post. 
When there are specific things you need to do in a post, you will find that in the Gradebook Declaration below. For this assignment, that means:

      • LENGTH. Your post should be at least 200 words long. You might want to install a word-count tool in your browser (for Chrome, Chrome Word Count is good!)
      • PROOFREADING. As always, you should use the spellcheck feature, and proofread by reading out loud (it takes about 2 minutes to read 300 words out loud).
      • TITLE: I have included the words “Unity Tutorial 04” in the title of the post. Having that phrase in your post title really helps me out because it allows me to put everybody’s assignments into the same blog post stream.
      • LABEL: Use “Reading Week” as the label for the post. Having that label will help people navigate your blog later on as you add more posts week by week by week.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I have published a blog post in which I discuss the Unity Tutorials.
LENGTH. My post is a minimum of 200 words long.
PROOFREADING. I have spellchecked and proofread the post.
IMAGE. My post contains at least one image with image information.
TITLE: I have included the words “Unity Tutorial 04” in the title of the post.
LABEL: I have used “Reading Week” as the label for the post.