Week 1

Game Design

Introduction Lecture and Activities


Week 01 – Orientation

In Week 01 we will look at tools for connection, and collaboration, we will discuss online bullying digital privacy and GDPR. we will also look at tools for succeeding in your studies including Moodle, University email, library, and course website.


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Activities for Week 01

Task 01 - Connect to Moodle

Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment TU Dublin uses for Grades and officail Class communications. This task explains how all that works.

10-20 minutes

Task 02 - Connect to Twitter

We will be using Twitter to connect and promote our work over the semester. There are three different ways you can participate in.   

30-45 minutes

Task 03 - Connect to Slack

Slack will be used for less formal communication(this is used as a tool in many creative digital media companies.) Follow the instructions for creating a Slack account.            

30-45 minutes

Task 04 - Create your Persona

Next week and throughout the semester you will be creating accounts in a variety of tools, this task is a series of fun tasks to help prepare for this.

30 – 45 minutes

Task 05 - Digital Atributes

The goal for this semester is to …. This tool will be used to identify growth around the selection and use of digital tools through out the semester.

15 minutes

Task 06 - MultiDev Live

MultiDev Live is an opportunity to interact in a guided active learning session reflecting on the activities of the week providing opportunities for feedback and guidance.

60 minutes