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Week 02 – Orientation

In Week 02 we will look at tools for connection, and collaboration, we will discuss online bullying digital privacy and GDPR. we will also look at tools for succeeding in your studies including Moodle, University email, library, and course website.

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Activities for Week 02

Due Tuesday

Task 01 - Design Your Course

Because this is a blended/flexible class, you get to make lots of choices, designing a class that fits your schedule and meets your needs. This task explains how all that works.

20 minutes

Task 02 - Setting Up Your Space

For many (most?) of you, this will be the first time you have used a blog, but don’t worry: you will find all the step-by-step instructions you need for this assignment.

45 minutes

Due Wednesday

Task 03 - Picture This!

To practice using your new blog, you will write a post about a favourite game (or games), and learn how to include images in your blog.

60 minutes

Task 04 - A Twitter Task

It takes an effort to create a community. Each week you will have a choice of a Twitter Task to complete.  Click on the ready button and follow the instructions.

30 minutes

Due Thursday

Task 05 - Introduce Yourself

For this assignment, you’ll create an Introduction blog post, and next week you will start meeting people by commenting on their Introductions.                                         

60 minutes

Task 06 - Growth Mindset

In this task you will explore  “growth mindset” theory of learning, along with some other learning strategies that I hope you will find helpful for this class.

45 minutes

Due Friday/Weekend

Task 07 - Class Tasks

This task provides an overview of the assignments you will be completing each week for the rest of the semester.

30  minutes

Task 08 - Class Tools

This task provides an overview of the browser-based tools that you will be using each week in this class

30  minutes

Task 09 - Time Management

This assignment has some practical advice for organizing your time in this class and for your semester overall.

30 minutes

Need Help?

if you need any help with any of the tasks this week ask on Slack someone will help you!

Still stuck? come find me on Slack, MSTeams, or by email