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Week 12 Presentation

Activities for Week 12

Due Tuesday

Task 01 - Survey

Please take your time to complete the survey on Social Media and Digital literacy – if you remember you completed a similar survey in 1st Year  – these surveys help me to continue to innovate in the delivery of all the CDM modules 

60 minutes

Due Wednesday

Task 02 - Module Exit Survey

This task is to complete the module exit survey. All of the benefits and improvements for this module have been based on the students who have gone before you. Have your say to keep this module improving!  

30 minutes

Due Thursday

Task 03 Complete the form

When you are finished for the semester please click the link below to indicate that, rate the module, and suggest your grade based on your engagement this semester.

30 minutes

Due Friday/Weekend

Task 04 - Project

Congrats on finishing your game,

Create a 1-minute video of your projects

240  minutes

Task 05 - Project Feedback

Feedback plays a fundamental role in learning. the first few weeks we will learn more about feedback and then put our new skills into action.                                   

45  minutes

Task 06 - Blog Comments

Each week you will be leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

30 minutes

Optional – Recommended

Task 07 – MultiDev Live


MultiDev Live is a opportunity to interact in a guided active learning session reflecting on the activities of the week providing opportunities for feedback and guidance.

60 minutes

Need Help?

if you need any help with any of the tasks this week ask on Slack someone will help you!

Still stuck? come find me on Slack, MSTeams, or by email