Week 11

Week 11 Assignments


Tuesday due date: READING    4 points appx. 1 hour
Do the Reading assignment for the class: Testing


Thursday due date: Unity Introduction 8 points appx. 2 hours
You will be completing this weeks Lab on Unity


Here are the final assignments for the week:

PROJECT 8 points appx. 3 hours.
Project Week 11: Beta – Finished! (or so you think) No obvious or glaring bugs. This is where you would send the game for final QA and external testing before declaring it to be Gold.
PROJECT FEEDBACK 6 points 45 min. – 1 hour
For Weeks 7-15, the Project Feedback assignment will be available each week starting on Tuesday.
BLOG COMMENTS 4 points 30 min. – 45 min.
For Weeks 7-11, you will be commenting on people’s notes based on their reading, plus their Introductions: Blog CommentsThis assignment will be ready on Tuesday of Week 11.


You can do these extra credit options any time during the week.
Extra Commenting 2 points 30 min. – 45 min.
Tech Tasks  2 points 15 min. – 30 min.
Growth Mindset/Feedback 2 points 15 min. – 30 min.
Wikipedia Trails 2 points 15 min. – 30 min.