In development, if you have any questions that would you like further clarification let me know and I’ll add the answers to this list!

  1. How is the final game graded? This module is set up so there is not a crunch towards the end of the semester, each week you are working on one stage of the game development cycle, and each week accruing point by completing that project task.
  2. I’ve missed the deadline, can I still complete the task? I highly recommend that you complete each task as many of them build on the previous, though if you complete the tasks after the deadline the declaration will remain uncompleted. Don’t worry there are opportunities to complete extra credit!
  3. I can’t complete all the tasks this week, which ones should I focus on? I recommend always completing the Unity Tutorials (Task 3) and the Project (Task 4).
  4. I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do next? First, check which week it is on the semester calendar, you should see a list of tasks to be completed, still unsure reach out in the Slack channel, and ask for help. If it’s still unclear arrange a meeting with me and I’ll help you to refocus and moving in the right direction.
  5. This module seems like a lot of work, are we doing too much particularly compared to other modules? Maybe, this module has been specifically designed that a typical student should spend between 6-8 hours worth of work, Each week that might vary slightly, if you find that you are putting in more than 8 hours each week regularly please make contact, either my instructions are unclear and I need to rewrite them which is highly likely or you’re having a specific difficulty that I can help you with I promise!
  6. Do you have any examples of previous students’ work? Yes! A majority of student work is available via their blog, to view click on the Class directory and select a student’s blog to view. In addition examples of really good/solid work can be found on this page.
  7. How are you able to read and provide feedback on each student’s blog? I use a feedreader, this collects an RSS feed from all of the sites and collates them into the FeedReader for each access, I nearly know when you have posted before you do!

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